Special Solutions


Unmanned Service and Sales Solutions

Smart Kiosk unmanned service solutions is an innovation in self service business philosophy, a change to service channels, and a perfect integration of modern communications technologies and financial devices. Unmanned service points enables it to be located in the most trafficked part of a retail store to raise awareness and attract customers.

By utilizing systems such as high speed video communication, video surveillance, financial selfservice terminal, and integrating technologies such as palm vein recognition, encrypted handwritten signature, card identification, and face-to-face video communication, the solution realizes most traditional payment functions, and provides customers with remote virtual counter services to replace manual services, which lightens counters' workload.

Usage Areas:

  • Remote Banking (VTM)
  • Self Service Post Office
  • Remote Government Services
  • Self Service Checkup
  • Product Sales





Product Showcase Kiosk

Product Showcase 7/24 Without Any Need For Store Staff


Customers can access any information regarding products/services via these kiosks 7/24 without any need for store staff. Thus, less employees are needed and this saves costs. An effective promotion is not the only contribution of the product showcase kiosk, which is entirely an Smart Kiosk solution.


As it saves printing and paper costs of conventional promotion methods, it also brings high saving rates in promotion budgets. Furthermore, as operations such as product updating can be easily done on the main screen, it becomes possible to offer up-to-date content continuously with very low costs.



Mobile Branch & Command Centre

Smart Kiosk carries out the custom design and superstructure of all vehicle. The Company meets both individual demands and private vehicle demands of the companies thanks to its experienced staff. Furthermore, Smart Kiosk keeps up with the world automotive industry trends throughout its processess, from design and project to manufacturing and assembling, thus offers creative solutions.

Our Solutions:

  • Mobile Bank Branch
  • Mobile Store/Shop
  • Mobile Government Office
  • Mobile Post Office
  • Mobile Command Centre
  • Training Vehicles
  • Mobile Medical
  • Live Broadcast Vehicle
  • Police & Military Operations and Monitoring Vehicle

Mobile Command Center: When emergencies, natural and man-made disasters or special events requiring on-site incident command occur, a mobile command center becomes a vital component to the mission. As a self-contained or trailer configuration, the mobility of a command center also allows for it to be sent to wherever they may be most needed.





Conrol Table & Control Room

We develop custom control room consoles for a wide range of applications.

Smart Kiosk creates attractive, ergonomic control room and control table solutions that works with your operators to improve efficiency and increase productivity. We develop custom control room consoles for a wide range of applications. Whether you are building a state-of-the-art command center from the ground up or simply need to upgrade your technology, we can create the ideal design solution.


SmartKiosk command consoles, workstations, rack mount consoles and monitor walls can be found in security - surveillance command centers, industrial process control rooms, network operations centers, military command centers, power/utility control rooms, and data centers the world over. From complete control rooms to single-operator command center consoles, Winsted has the depth and breadth of products necessary to provide you with the right technical solutions for your application.


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our products or services, or to request additional information.