Custom Design

Unparalleled Engineering Expertise for Custom Kiosk Solutions

Our services approach based on knowing the customer in an expert level with state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, and is drawing attention with its cabinet, customizable infrastructure design, system reliability, functionality and rich content features.

SmartKiosk models are designed to be easily customized for your brands. You can turn them into kiosks specially designed for your company. Furthermore, you can use different applications for each campaign and promotion, allowing you to use a new design for each campaign. Customization and design applications on our models are done using coating panels and graphic printing.

New Custom Design


Easy customized for your brands





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Application Development

We are providing the design and developing services required to develop the applications most suited to your projects and targets.


The kiosk and digital display interface design which is often neglected and generally is left to be the last step in kiosk projects should actually be considered right from the kiosk selection process and should not be taken lightly. Only an effective and right interface can allow your kiosk to be used as intended and to have the desired effect.


We are providing the design and developing services required to develop the applications most suited to your projects and targets. We develop kiosk-ready applications that perfectly reflect your company and brands on your kiosks and reflect your values in a professional and accurate manner. We also offers programming and application development services to meet its clients specific business needs.



Support Services


At SmartKiosk, we fully recognize that up-time means everything, and our customers expect nothing short of an expert when they phone in for hardware service. We"re fully staffed with in-house, seasoned professionals who can quickly answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and execute resolution. With just the serial number from the outside of the machine, the SmartKiosk Service Representatives have immediate / automated records of every component, warranty record, and service terms tied to the enclosure. With ample information and experience, they are able to intelligently approach hardware diagnostics, facilitate replacement parts, or dispatch a field technician to the kiosk site, if needed.


Seasoned SmartKiosk professionals are trained to anticipate and resolve all your installation concerns, greatly simplifying your transition into field deployment. Turnkey site preparation, installation, and logistics management services for your project include.


Peak field performance and maximum return on investment are the dual objectives of a SmartKiosk service plan consultation. SmartKiosk offers a comprehensive menu of field service options, with response times unsurpassed in the industry. With a network of qualified technicians, SmartKiosk has a proven track record of supporting even the most mission-critical nationwide deployments.



Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our products or services, or to request additional information.